Vertegenwoordiging Frans Minimumloon

Vertegenwoordiging Frans minimumloom (LOI MACRON)


Heeft u wagens >7,5 ton die naar Frankrijk rijden en chauffeurs in loondienst dan heeft u Franse vertegenwoordiging nodig.


  • SIPSI geautomatiseerde website en app om uw chauffeurs aan te melden
  • Complete online administratie
  • Simpel, snel én voordelig
  • GEEN registratie kosten
  • U betaalt een jaarlijks bedrag afhankelijk van het aantal certificaten dat u nodig heeft. (2 certificaten per jaar per chauffeur) en het vaste bedrag heeft 4 niveaus:
    • 1-10 certificaten € 150 jaar
    • 11-50 certificaten € 300  per jaar
    • 51-100 certificaten € 400 per jaar
    • 100+ certificaten € 600 per jaar
  • In het geval dat u gecontroleerd wordt, heeft u verdere interventie nodig, waarvoor een bedrag van 100 € per interventie wordt berekend.


Veranderingen per 1-1-2018:

  • Het minimumloon in Frankrijk bedraagt per 1-1-2018 € 9,88 per uur
  • Nieuw uitgegeven certificaten hoeven niet meer ondertekend en gestempeld te worden op pagina 3 omdat er nu op de onderkant van het certificaat een uniek referentienummer staat.
  • Certificaten mogen nu ook digitaal gepresenteerd worden is op bijvoorbeeld een laptop, telefoon of tablet. Op voorwaarde dat het document van goede kwaliteit is en goed leesbaar. Het vakje "upload signed certificate" zal blijven bestaan op de site maar zal niet meer worden gebruikt.

What should be considered when calculating the minimum wage for the driver?

We would like to draw your attention to what to consider when calculating the minimum wage for the driver for work hours in France. Based on the information published by the French authorities:

Pursuant to paragraph 7 of article 3 of Directive 96/71/EC of 16 December 1996, the following elements may be considered:

  • the employee's wage
  • any additional pay for overtime
  • any perquisites (e.g. length of service bonus)
  • any allowances specific to the posting (e.g. expatriation bonus)
  • any benefits in kind.
  • These amounts are expressed gross.
  • However, any allowances paid in reimbursement of expenditure actually incurred on account of the posting, such as expenditure on travel, board and lodging - and including any such amounts paid on a fixed-rate basis - may not be included.

Moreover, the French National Collective Agreement in the Transport sector applies:

  • an increase of 2%, 4%, 6% and 8% after respectively 2, 5, 10 and 15 years in the same company.
  • a Sunday bonus of € 10,07 if the hours worked are less than 3 or € 23.42 if more than 3.

    As soon as the French national collective agreement in the transport sector will reach an agreement on the new minimum wages to apply, we will inform you.

    When it comes to Passenger Transport drivers, the 2017 national collective agreement's minimum wages must be applied, until a new agreement is found:


Moreover, the French National Collective Agreement in the Passenger Transport sector applies:

  • an increase of 2%, 4%, 6% and 8% after respectively 2, 5, 10 and 15 years in the same company.
  • The hourly wage in the table above should be increased of 3 % in case of mechanic or collector qualification.
  • a Sunday bonus of € 13,89 if the hours worked are less than 3 or € 27.77 if more than 3.


Act No. 2018-771 of 5 September 2018 provides for more severe penalties in the event of a violation of the provisions relating to the posting of workers.

Focus on the main points to remember:
– From now on, the representative is no longer concerned by the declaration sent to the labour inspectorate when the posted employee is the victim of an accident.
– Article 1262-4-6, which provided for a contribution of €50 for employers posting employees in France, has been repealed, and the amount of administrative fines has now doubled.
– In addition, the reiteration period has been increased to 2 years instead of 1 year.
– In the event of a repeat infringement, a penalty may not exceed €500,000.
– The principal is also obliged to check whether the carrier has paid the administrative penalties.
– A new power is now conferred on the controller to notify the competent administrative authorities in the event of a failure to comply (payment of the administrative fine) and to prohibit the provision of services for a renewable period of two months.
– Moreover, the opposition to the proceedings does not have the effect of suspending the action for recovery of the claim (the administrative penalty).